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DREAM CBD + Lavender Pen


Our newest product collection designed to help you get a good night’s rest without feeling groggy the next morning. Our sleek and discreet disposable vape is designed after our silver bullet model containing 250mg of CBD distillate and infused with pure organic Lavender. If you’re having problems sleeping at night our DREAM pen is your magic potion to a great night’s rest. DREAM vapes are a one time use; disposable pen.

Vaporizer Flavour: Lavender

Pen Profile: DREAM CBD + Lavender

You'll Feel:CalmRelaxedSereneRestedStress-Free
Best For:InsomniaStressRestlessnessFatigueHeadaches
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Your New Go-To Remedy

CBD for Mood Elevation and Pain Relief

Cannabinoids, otherwise known as CBD, have been shown to benefit us in a variety of ways. From mood elevation to pain relief, treating ailments with CBD is a natural alternative to over the counter medication. Westcoast Smoke Co. is proud to offer many different varieties of CBD, from vaporizers to tinctures and many others. Shop from our line of Essential CBD products today.

Pharma-Grade CBD
Canada-Wide Shipping
Discreet Packaging

Only the Purest Ingredients

Zero Unnecessary Additives

Often, CBD manufacturers mix a variety of ingredients and flavour additives into CBD products. During this process, several harmful additives such as Vitamin E Acetate and Vegetable Glycerin may be present. Westcoast Smoke Co. does not use any unhealthy ingredients or other unnatural additives in the formulation of its products; therefore guaranteeing their safety.

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2 reviews for DREAM CBD + Lavender Pen

  1. 5
    (2 reviews)

    Kat (verified owner)

    Love this pen. Great if you want good quality cbd to relax and chill. It smells like lavender. Love the mix.

  2. 5
    (2 reviews)

    NaChoMama92 (verified owner)

    Absolutely refreshing and works very well for headaches/stress.
    I’m loving how it’s rechargeable, and hoping a refillable version is available soon too.

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