Mello Wellness – CBD Tincture


Made from all natural high quality CBD. There are many studies that show the various health benefits of CBD. CBD can help reduce pain, inflammation, and anxiety.

Ingredients: 600mg CBD

Tincture Profile: Mello Wellness – CBD Tincture

You'll Feel:HappyUpliftedEuphoricEnergeticStress-Free
Best For:DepressionStressPainFatigueHeadaches

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The Best Choice for CBD

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We at Westcoast Smoke Co. are dedicated to bringing you the best quality products derived from cannabinoids in Canada. As part of this commitment, we want to provide our customers with CBD products that are versatile for everyday life. From our Mellow Wellness CBD Roller to Vape Pen and Tinctures, every product in our Mello Wellness family has been thoughtfully tailored with your well-being in mind.

Pharma-Grade CBD
Canada-Wide Shipping
Discreet Packaging

A CBD Solution for Everyone

Why Choose Mello Wellness CBD?

Whether it be for you, a friend, or your beloved pet, our Mello Wellness line of products encompasses the quintessential forms of CBD for any situation. Reliability, stability, and its ease of use characterizes the core of Mello Wellness. If you are looking for a CBD product that will work for you no matter the situation you’re in, look no further than Mello Wellness.

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